Health Saarthi Offers

Multi-option, Quick,Accurate Search Engine

Health Saarthi's unique and dynamic search engine provides You with multiple parameters to narrow down your search for finding different types of healthcare service providers.

Multiple parameters are provided to help you drill down to the health service provider you wish to choose.

Save your searches as favourites for future appointment bookings, thereby saving your valuable time.

Access Multiple Healthcare Professionals

Clear,Crisp Details

Health Saarthi profile list provides access to quality healthcare service providers without any geographic barriers.

It provides you with clear,transparent information about your chosen healthcare service provider.

The listings give you relevant options based on multiple factors such as location, speciality, field of practice, etc.

The profile listing order is based on the amount of activities done on Health Saarthi by its users for themselves or between themselves

Unbiased, Unsponsored, Transparent Listings

Book Appointments As Per Your Requirement

Health Saarthi provides different options to book appointments with your chosen healthcare service provider.

You can choose from clinic visits, specialized home visits, call based appointments plus web consultancy options to get verified appointments.

Book your appointments from multiple devices, ie:- laptops, desktops, smartphones, tabs from the comfort of your home or work place.

You can also book appointments on behalf of your family members in case they are unable to do so.

In case of any exigency or emergency, the freedom to cancel your scheduled appointment rests with you.

No questions asked.

The Multi Mode Appointment Option

Your Personal Digital Health Safe

H locker is your own, personal digital safe for uploading and storing your electronic health records (EHR's).

You can scan & upload your health records using your smartphone by downloading the HS Buddy App or you can also upload it from your laptop, desktop files.

Share your past, current health records like prescriptions, reports,scans,x-rays, test reports with your health service provider prior to your visit in order to give him an heads up about your medical condition via the H Locker.

We use 2 factor authentications along with 256 bit data encryption and HIPAA compliant data servers for your confidential data.

Eliminate the need to spend time in sending your health records or searching for your health records in your Emails.

H locker does the auto identification of the records uploaded/stored by you, shared by you and also shared with you and classifies it accordingly in order to provide you with a clear view of your health records.

You can choose to share the health records with time bound sharing options securely.

The shared health records go directly into your chosen health service providers H locker.

Receive health records from your different health service providers, ie - doctors, pharmacies, labs, hospitals directly into your H locker.

You Have The Absolute Power To Control The Storage And Sharing Of Your Health Records.

Taking Medicines On Time, Faster Way To Recovery.

Set reminder alerts for medicine consumption for yourself or your near and dear ones by uploading prescription provided by your Doctor, if he is not onboard Health Saarthi.

In case your Doctor is on board Health Saarthi, Get an auto reminder alert/notification by him based on his prescription on your mobile.

Never Forget To Take Your Medicines At The Prescribed Time

Curated By Experts, Driven By You

We are drowning in information in todays age, non verified, unqualified information creates an illusion of acquiring knowledge.

Health Saarthi provides you an opportunity to obtain curated information in the areas of your interest related to health and healthcare.

Like, Share, Follow blogs, articles,tips and more.

Get insights about medicines, medical developments around us, diseases,precautions, medical news plus more.

Increases Awareness, Enriches Your Health

Build, Collaborate, Develop Your Community

Build Your own circle of peers, health service providers by inviting them to Health Saarthi. Reap the benefits of collaboration, expertise, interact with each other to seek or give advice.

Develop a healthy, informative community.

A Virtual Community, Something For Everyone

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