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Build, Develop, Enhance Your Digital Reputation

As a healthcare service provider, you work hard to provide uniqueness and create a mark for yourself and your practice.

We, at Health Saarthi, are here to assist you in fulfilling your vision.

Let your patients know your expertise, experience, service capabilities and competency details through our HS Profiler.

The HS Profiler Tracker alerts you on the completion status of your profile.

A 100% complete profile increases your online visibility, giving your patients an incredible opportunity to fulfill their healthcare requirements by choosing you.

You are an expert in your area of work. Let the world be aware it.

Contribute to the HS Knowledge Bank with your knowledge, expertness, advice,tips for your patients.

A well-informed patient helps in building repute, trust and reliability.

Be aware of patient perspective about you.

Patients assessment about your practice and establishment is a critical and important input for you and your practice.

Using the HS Reviewer, become aware of what the patient wants and needs.

Improve and build on them to boost your reputation even further.

Stand Out Among Your Peers

Less Hassle, Better Efficiency, More Output

Your practice involves multiple functions which may be unsettling and overwhelming at times.

It may lead to lower efficiency, less valuable output than you desire leaving you distressed and unsatisfied.

You can now outsource parts of your practice functions to Health Saarthi and sit back, relax.

Health Saarthi helps you manage your clinic details, manage roles and responsibilities of your staff.

Using the HS Scheduler, create your schedule and manage your appointment for your patients for multi appointment types,ie:- clinic, specialized home visits, web consultation, call based and walkins.

Set follow up visit appointments for your patients for future visits with ease.

You can also provide your leave information vide the HS Scheduler to your patients well in advance.

Generate prescriptions digitally with ease using your customized letterhead. Set medicine reminders notifications based on your prescription for your patients in 1 click.

Use the H Locker to digitally upload,store,share and retrieve details of your patients health and administrative details i.e- visits done, due, past health records, allergies, current medications etc and be updated with all the information needed to make a correct diagnosis & prescribe the relevant treatment.

Invest More Of Your Time Doing What You Do Best – Providing Expert Patient Care.

Engage, Retain, Communicate And Build Trust

Your patient is the most important element of your practice venture.

You need to attract, engage, retain and provide great patient experience to them.

Health Saarthi helps you in effective management of your patients with ease of registration, appointment bookings, managing patient flow and more.

In order to engage with your patients, Health Saarthi gives an opportunity to them to give their unbiased views about your practice vide suggestions post their visits.

HS Buddy App, powered by Health Saarthi is the means for your patients to be connected with you for information about appointments, advice on pre and post visit care, be informed on new services provided by you and much more.

Using our multiple communication modes, ie:- sms, emails, app notification provide the relevant and necessary reminders, alerts, tips, updates on different devices, i.e – mobile, laptops, tablets to your patients about their visits, post visit medications plus much more.

Share, receive your patient health records (PHR), i.e – reports, prescriptions, test reports etc using H Locker, our Digital document storage facility.which uses 2 factor authentications along with 256 bit data encryption and HIPAA compliant data servers.

We Help You Provide An Improved Patient Care Experience. Get An A + From Your Patients

Develop A Community Of Possibilities

Build Your own circle of patients, peers, other health service providers by inviting them to Health Saarthi.

Reap the benefits of collaboration, share your expertise, interact with each other to seek or give advice.

Develop a health, informative community.

Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much

Correct Monitoring, Effective Analysis

The Dash board provides real time information on activities related to appointment schedules, patient flow,patient health record (PHR), clinic management and many more activities performed by you.

Get all your information in the form of easy to understand graphical charts for quick and easy analysis.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Analytics

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