Health Saarthi - Helping You In Your Digital Healthcare Journey

Health Saarthi is a new age one-stop healthcare technology platform provided by Apolotus Health Solution Private Ltd for users and multiple healthcare service providers (Doctors, Clinics, Pharmacies/Chemists, Test Labs, Ambulances/Blood Bank Services)

Health Saarthi provides access to expert healthcare service providers and quality health services, products by developing innovative cloud-based healthcare solutions via our website and HS Buddy mobile app downloadable from Google Play store.

The purpose of Health Saarthi is

To enable the users and the healthcare service providers to interact with each other online.

To provide a continuous engagement opportunity between the users and the healthcare service providers to build confidence and trust among themselves.

To enable fulfillment of the healthcare service and product needs of the users via a collaborative association among the different healthcare service providers.

To provide an opportunity to the healthcare service providers to have a closer and enhanced connect with the users.

The 5 basic contributing factors to our provisioning of solutions for the users and healthcare service providers on Health Saarthi are as mentioned below –

We aim to create awareness regarding health care services, products, health related information, news, development, and enhancements in the medical field by providing content on Health Saarthi.

We facilitate a continuous, consistent relationship between the healthcare service providers and their consumers/customers with a focus on continuous improvement leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

We help provisioning of multiple services with unique features linking the healthcare professionals among themselves & their consumers for enhanced retention.

We provide inbuilt features providing various modes of communication in real time for quick, effective & responsive interaction between the healthcare professionals & their customers.

It is the basis for exchanging the expertise/ knowledge/information sharing combined with building up of social networking among healthcare professionals to service and connect with their customers more effectively.

HS Buddy App – Managing Healthcare On The Move

HS Buddy is an android application powered by Health Saarthi, which utilizes User Access Identity management for providing a single app for usage by different user profiles such as users, different healthcare service providers (Doctors, Clinics, Pharmacies/Chemists, Test Labs, Ambulances/Blood Bank Services).

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